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The correct way to put on hosiery

There is a right way to put on hosiery. Most importantly, take a few minutes to put them on properly, and follow these simple directions:

- Remove all jewelry, and check fingernails and toenails for rough edges. (This greatly reduces those maddening "they ran as soon as I put them on" mornings.)

- Roll each leg of the pantyhose down and place the toe of the garment over the foot. Gently smooth one leg all the way up, then repeat on the other leg.

- Pull the rest of the pantyhose up to the waist - but don't pull too tight! Smooth fabrics while checking for twists and sags.

- Lastly, take off your hosiery just as carefully as you put them on.


Washing & Care Of Pantyhose

Care of your hosiery is a simple equation: if you take good care of these garments, they'll last longer.

- Wash pantyhose gently by hand, using a mild detergent that doesn't contain chlorine bleach, which will remove colors and damage fibers. If you prefer the washing machine, place them in a hosiery bag or pillowcase and wash on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

- To dry, place one or two pairs of pantyhose on a towel, roll up and squeeze towel gently. This eliminates stretching when hanging hosiery to dry. Never attempt to dry pantyhose in the dryer.

Note: The above information was adapted from The Sheer Facts about Hosiery, developed by the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers (NAHM), which is a voluntary organization of approximately 450 hosiery manufacturers and suppliers. 

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